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About us

La Bottega



The Bottega Michelangeli Company, heir to a tradition of carpentry which dates back to 1700, works in Orvieto creating objects and furnishings of a unique style that exalt wooden materials through simple forms, rigorous lines and distinct details.



We operate in the sector of decor and we offer, together with our architects, key-in-hand solutions, which characterize great attention to design and of the highest levels of quality.

We are able to satisfy the most demanding needs with proposals  rich in creativity and with technical capacities not commonly found.

As well as tailored furnishings, Michelangeli has its own line of furniture.  Unique design pieces, created by master carpenters using traditional techniques and avantgarde tools, obtaining quality that has no comparison.


The place where the entire process of production is carried out is a suggestive space in the very heart of the city: an old nineteenth century theatre which has not entirely given up  its original function of producing objects worthy of applause, which has been transformed into an exclusive workshop where, with the most modern equipment and craftsmanship techniques, ideas are transformed into objects.