Interior Design

The real charm of this furniture is hidden in the clear balance of surfaces and volumes, in the idea from which they arose, in the  process of design and in the workmanship that is intrinsic to their being. As if their beauty was derived from elusive and magical metamorphoses. The result is custom-built and designed furniture, intended for function, but also to speak to you with form.


We have much interest to interior design hor homes and any other
environment where people live and work.

We always make warm, friendly and comfortable creations, always
fitting the future inhabitants' needs.

For this reason, we offer our consultancy for custom design and projects.


Contact us for custom interior design work. Let us know your name,
what you need and your contacts.


Bottega Gualverio Michelangeli S.R.L.

   Via Michelangeli, 3 - 05018 - Orvieto (TR)

   Tel: 0763.342660

   Fax: 0763.342461

   E-mail: info@michelangeli.it

   P.IVA: 00477980551






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