About Us

Michelangeli brings together past, present and future to feed one another their wealth. As if the art of wood has made it possible to undo and dissolve the dimension of time to create something eternal, unchangable in form, but always changing in substance. Something that can tap into the roots of an ancient tradition, making it permeable and sensitive to contemporary trends and also able to orient to the future, anticipating the most significant and far-reaching trajectories.





The Bottega Michelangeli
today is the mature fruit of five generations of passion, dedication and hard work artisan, is the irrefutable proof that it is possible, however rare, leave a sign of real and authentic experience and existence as a gift to others.


The workshop Michelangeli, heir to a dedication to woodworking that is handed down by the end of 1700, in Orvieto by creating objects and furnishings that highlight the unique style on wooden forms through simple, precise lines and unique details.


If the past of Bottega focuses sull'estro creative and brilliantly irreverent, lively and revolutionary Gualverio Michelangeli, which remains the deepest root of all activities, this has the heart of his three daughters, united by a bond stronger than the same bond of blood: that the correlation of inclinations and attitudes, memories and commitment.

Involved from an early age in his father's work, which grew along with the family workshop and then formed as professionals with the study of architecture, have witnessed the fulfillment of the prodigious take the form of wooden figures only apparently inanimate, living within, and have revised the lessons learned into new forms of expression. In more recent creations in private and public spaces, they fused the unique artistic innovation with the strong tradition of craftsmanship father of all previous generations, returning production to its primordial vocation Michelangeli, having absorbed the spirit and imaginative daring that has marked forever.


Woodworking is an art as old as complex and multifaceted as any instrument used is a means to test ingenuity, imagination, intelligence and dexterity. A combination of alchemical experience and creativity that Bottega Michelangeli know at all the way.

Place the whole process is a striking space in the heart of Orvieto, an old nineteenth-century theater that perhaps has not outlived its original purpose to stage performances, becoming the exclusive workshop where, with advanced techniques and crafts, ideas are translated into objects.


The main protagonist of each piece is made of wood: its matter rough, gnarled, familiar and unpredictable is well prepared to meet the challenge of the most ambitious craftsmen to be modeled on the track of projects capable of expressing all the usual bold and evolution of the mind.